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Quality: this is another reason why the Quimetal Group is the best solution to your foreign trade PDF Print E-mail

The very first requirement to ensure good services is having an agile but complete structure, and a well-prepared and motivated staff.

To reach its goal of ensuring service maximum efficiency, the Quimetal Group puts into practice a Quality Assurance Program (the Quality Constant Improvement Management Program ). .
Such program, which is supervised by specialized consultants, intervenes in a well-planned and integrated manner in our Technologies, our Management System and our Organizational Culture.
The basis of the Quimetal Group Quality Assurance system is the principle we call "Focus on the People’s Focus ".
The action involves our staff, customers, collaborators, directors and suppliers. The program is currently ruled by Annual Strategic Goals, which are monitored via monthly Management Indicators. Participative evaluation meetings are held to discuss the obtained results.
Quimetal still has Performance and Abnormalitiy Indicators, which are daily measured by our operational managers.


Our quality policy:

  • ●  To ensure Customer satisfaction by offering them quality services
  • ● To constantly seek new improvements in our processes and services;
    ● To develop our business partners as well, as part of the processes;
    ● To promote human growth for all the involved parties;
    ● To promptly and correctly fulfill all our fiscal,tax-payer, and financial obligations;
    ● To provide adequate return for the investments.