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Foundation of Indústria e Comércio Quimetal S/A, in the city of Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo State. Offices were also opened in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Quimetal’s main activity is servicing other companies in their importation operations, mostly in the areas of chemical and non-ferrous metal products.

1977 Image
Foundation of our first subsidiary, Força Construtora (a construction business), which builds the “Nova Guarapari”, a new borough at a local beach resort town, and “Centro da Praia”, Vitoria’s first shopping mall.

Foundation of Maimbá Hotéis e Turismo, a company which operates hotels built by the Quimetal Group  in a nearby town, Guarapari (“Pousada Enseada Azul”) and in Vitória (“Vitória Palace Hotel”).

Foundation of Quimetal Florestal e Agrícola (a forestry and agriculture business). In the same year, the Quimetal group diversifies its import business, adding commodities and foodstuffs to its range of imported products.  
Image 1990

Foundation of Rhodes S/A, which builds modern silos for malt and other grains at the ports of Vitoria and Recife.

Quimetal is honored by Brazil’s most important journal of economics  (“Exame”) as “Best company in Espírito Santo”. Foundation of "Start Navegação".  

Foundation of Quimetal Distribuidora, which focuses on the distribution of imported foodstuffs to third party companies.

1998 Image
Duplication of Rhodes’ silos at the port of Recife. The static storage capacity reaches then 20.800 m3

Another of the Group’s companies – Redal Trading – starts working as a wholesaler of perfume and cosmetic products, imported by Quimetal for its clients.

A Quality Assurance program is implemented in the Group.
Indústria e Comércio Quimetal S/A doubles its income as of the previous year.


Indústria e Comércio Quimetal S/A builds a modern warehouse, where it optimizes storage for its clients, who can now enjoy lower operating costs and faster loading of goods in a climatized facility.
A tailor-made computer application ensures accurate real-time stocks management
Foundation of Rhall Terminais, which specializes on rail-to-road cargo moving, and grain and fertilizer storage. Image
This company strengthens the logistics arm of Rhodes S/A and extends its reach to the Central Brazil region.