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Innovation and pioneer action with social responsibility. PDF Print E-mail

The Biogás project:
improving the environment
and quality of life

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of its foundation, Quimetal carries through an innovating project: the Integrated Biosystem Program.
The project is a perfect example on how well simple solutions can contribute to improve the environmental and life standards in poor communities..
The Integrated Biosystem is a creative, efficient and economic solution to treat and recycle domestic waste, particularly in agricultural areas. Aiming at demonstrating to society and the Government how feasible this solution can be, Quimetal paid for 100% of the costs of the pioneer implementation, carried out in the community of Vila Dordeoni, at Alto Caxixe, Venda Nova do Imigrante county, in the mountain region of Espírito Santo State.
The community sewage was previously thrown into the Caxixe river, with no treatment. The sanitation of the area directly benefits 95 families, or around 500 people.
The project was developed by OIA (O Instituto Ambiental), a non-governmental organization from Rio de Janeiro, and was supported by the State Secretariat of Agriculture. The object of the Program is to use the community domestic waste to produce the Biogás (composed of methane gas and carbon), in the so-called "Biodigestor", through a fermentation process, . The Biogás will be used as kitchen gas at the community day-care center.
The residual water is filtered with the use of natural materials, such as “taboas” and rushes (typical vegetation in the area). In a tank with seaweed, the water reaches a decontamination level of up to 99%, and is then used in fish farming, producing food for the community. The process produces yet other usable residues, such as animal feed and organic fertilizers.

The Quimetal Group has a key presence in the developmental process of Espírito Santo State, acting also in areas such as the agricultural industry, hotel management, and the construction and contractor business. Amongst many examples of the Group’s pioneering spirit, there are two works that have changed life quality forever at the places where they were built:

Centro da Praia Shopping Center

This was the first building complex in the State uniting a shopping mall, a 4-star hotel, and an office tower. Its construction initiated the transformation of Praia do Canto, the main residential section of Vitoria, into a modern, cosmopolitan area, with an ample network of services and the most sophisticated shops in town.
Nova Guarapari

This is a complete borough that was constructed from scratch, and which changed the development axle in the State’s main tourist health-resort.
After the creation of Nova (“New”) Guarapari, the "fashionable" area of the town has moved there. It paved the way for new quality ventures and revived the famous Meaípe beach , which lies in its neighborhood.

A historical curiosity: Nova Guarapari was the first product in the history of Brazilian advertising to be launched on television with merchandising in the eight-o-clock “novela” (the country’s most watched sitcom).