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This is our main specialty: to provide importation services PDF Print E-mail
After over 30 years of activity in foreign trade operations in Brazil,  Indústria e Comércio Quimetal holds all the necessary expertise to handle the full process of importation on your behalf. Thus, you can concentrate yourself on what really matters to you: your own activity. That is the trend in all modern companies. That is what we continuously seek to offer you.

Our areas of activity include:

- Coordination of the whole door-to-door importation processes or according to the level of services wanted by the customer
- Support in finding the best price quotations and the most appropriate service suppliers in connection with the importation processes, such as:

  • ● Price quotation and transport hiring and related services in the country of origin, from factory to boarding site;
  • ● Price quotation and hiring of international freight (by air, sea and land);
  • ● Price quotation and hiring of international transport insurance;
  • ● Appointment and hiring of dispatchers, transporters, bounded warehouses and other services from arrival until delivery of merchandise.

Our mission is to offer the best possible solutions for Foreign Trade operations , guaranteeing regularity and reliability, at optimized costs. 

Our objective: to carry out our activities in the best way possible. Offering quality, for us, is not just an extra asset, but an obligation.

That’s what we believe to be the best for companies that wish to be competitive. That’s what we believe to be the best for your company.