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Organizing a full scale operation with imported goods in Brazil – from the purchasing of the products abroad to their distribution throughout the country – may seem something quite complex. But what is complex becomes simple when you have a partner like Quimetal.

We take care of your operation from A to Z, through a full, efficient logistics and distribution service, which includes:


Logistics: a partnership
that works

It was the year 1998, and Quimetal had been contacted by the recently-opened Brazilian subsidiary of one of the best-known French cosmetic manufacturers.
The customer had an ambitious objective and a great problem.
The objective: to initiate sales of its products in Brazil and be listed, in 3 to 5 years, among the five top imported cosmetic brands in the country.
The problem: the French headquarters only wished to set up a sales structure in Brazil, but did not wish to be involved either with the importation, or the distribution of the products.
Five years later, the customer had fully reached its sales object, without having ever handled a single box of product in the shelves.
Quimetal imports, stores, adapts the packing, manages the stocks, co-ordinates transport and distribution and, in addition, takes care of the client’s advanced branch office operation in our warehouses.
  • ● the handling of goods (receiving, unloading, inspecting, re-loading and shipping),
  • ● the static storage (in three temperature levels and according to the customer’s needs),
  • ● the handling and adaptation of products to the domestic market (labels in Portuguese, sealing, packing, etc.),
  • ● the picking and packing of goods for split shipping,
  • ● the administration and physical control of stocks,
  • ● the fiscal management of the customers’ advanced branch offices, in our own premises,
  • ● the control and follow-up of the transport process until the delivery of the goods to the final point of sale.