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We deliver imported products all over Brazil PDF Print E-mail

Products distribution is the main activity of Quimetal Distribuidora, started from its experience in the food and beverage segment, which began in 1994.

Since then, it constantly improved its experience with purchasing and selling imported products, until it finally chose to specialize in the wholesale business, turned towards the perfume and cosmetic segment. Today the company acts as the distributor of several well- known brands of foreign products.

Quimetal Distribuidora operates in such a way as to make available the purchasing of goods form its suppliers, mainly from the importation companies, and uses is own warehouse and staff structure, receiving and storing merchandise in its modern CD (Distribution Center) located in the city of Serra, Espírito Santo.


At the CD, the products are prepared for distribution, be it by their adaptation  as to conform to Brazilian consumer protection laws, with new labels in Portuguese, or be it by their fractioning and packaging for delivery to the shops.

Quimetal Distribuidora provides quick and efficient services to customers, and the products are sold and delivered according to their purchase orders and stock availability.

In this operation profile, Quimetal’s customers are mostly large distributors of Brazilian perfumes and cosmetics who service retailers: stores, beauty shops, and drugstore chains, which do the promotion and marketing of the distributed products.